whoa…. dash…. this is  so surreal 

my new blog if anyone even exists anymore……..

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lol ok i post like 4 times in a month and get followers you guYS DONT MAKE SENSE but you’re rad anyway

so i moved blogs. if u want my new url please pm me for it or like this post and ill pm you it??

thanks love ya

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+signal boost 4 meg



I want to buy some simple things for Halloween but I feel guilty doing that and using my student loan for it SO

Would anyone be interested in simple commissions from me??

$10 for something sweet’n cute like this







+ 6 for additional character

allmyexamplesareDCcomics.jpg lmfaooooo

;w; yeah so um, let me know if you are interested??

Payment through paypal!

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didn’t I say the marauders were happening? Gods I am overdoing it again

This is a drawing for my best friend, Masha, a-bit-modified scene from her fanfic (“Дни Мародеров”, for those who can read it in Russian). <33

Anyway, I guess all my love for them that I haven’t been expressing lately (for a while really) just ended up shown in this drawing haha:D (damn is this okay I really REALLY love my own drawing like idk I am not sure ahah I am just happyyyyyy)

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Officer Grayson by rikoshiriko

is a fart in the wind

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falls off the face of tumblr earth

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The Gentle Titan

I’m seeing Marco titan everywhere so I drew my lame version. He’s being all emotional with poorly drawn doves *cries*